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CANDY DAY October 21st, 22nd, 23rd
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We take our commitment to sight and sound seriously.

Each Candy Day, we raise hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of dollars in funds earmarked for that purpose.

60% of the money we raise goes into the coffers of the Lions of Illinois Foundation for sight and sound causes. The rest is used either for things that benefit all sight and hearing impaired people in the area (reading machines at the library, eyeglass collection points, etc.) or for services that benefit afflicted individuals, including eye operations, leader dog training, eye examinations and eyeglass fittings for those in need.

In addition, we provide eyeglass collection boxes at a number of establishments in the community. The recovered eyeglasses are tested and categorized by the international organization, the forwarded to places throughout the world where eyeglasses otherwise might not be available at all.

If we dedicate ourselves to the joyous and wonderful task called Candy Day, we will come to the conclusion, How sweet it is!

This year, the challenge has been issued to every club in Illinois to engage in an honest discussion on how to improve the results of the campaign. Repeating marginal or failing strategies only result in the people of our communities and those who are served statewide being denied assistance. Can we ignore the needs of the people we serve because we prefer the comfort of our own personal agendas? We hope that the fire to build a mighty fortress in the battle to improve the quality of life for those suffering visual or hearing loss burns as brightly now as in the past. My supplication is that every club in Illinois set new records for themselves this year. If every club makes thousands of dollars more for themselves, our Foundation and its thirteen programs mandated by the Lions will prosper even greater.

During the Jamborees, the Lions of every District have been challenged to view Candy Day creatively. Every Lion has been asked to recruit others for an hour or more of a labor of love. Every Lion should consider how he/she "connects the dots" between the raising of funds and the programs and services provided those we serve.

    How Sweet It Is!
These immortal words of Jackie Gleason were never meant to be a metaphor for our Foundation's Candy Day. However, if one considers the tremendous good that a successful Candy Day can provide the visually and hearing impaired children and adults in Illinois , the metaphor fits. Each year, the Lions of Illinois take to the streets in a magnificent humanitarian gesture to publicise our cause and to raise critically needed funds to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot see or hear properly. It never ceases to amaze me that every Lion and Lioness does not absolutely relish the opportunity to recruit others to participate in an event that changes lives. First, Candy Day is fun if one enjoys "working" on behalf of others who are need. Secondly, it fills the heart with the joy to know that a life has been positively affected because a Lion has chosen to give the precious commodities of time and energy to the task.
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